Terms & conditions

Terms & Condition

1) Buyer’s Responsibility

As the owner of the phone/device, you are responsible for knowing EVERYTHING about your device. You agree that I,
the seller, cannot and will not be held responsible for the buyer’s responsibility.

You are responsible for the following:
– Ensuring that the device is not already unlocked
– Ensuring that the IMEI/Provider you’ve given is correct
– Ensuring that the device can accept an unlock code (ie. all attempts have not already been expended)
– Ensuring that the device is NOT hardlocked
– Ensuring that the device is NOT rooted (if it is an Android device)


2) Legal Responsibility

As of January 26, 2013 the exemption allowing US phones to be unlocked expired. Therefore under US law, the DMCA declared that
it is illegal to unlock any US phone manufactured after January 26, 2013 without explicit consent from your service provider.

I, the seller, will never wilfully encourage illegal activity and will not provide service to those looking to unlock a US phone. You,
the seller, agree to accept full responsibility for complying with local, national, and international laws.


3) Final Sales

All sales are FINAL. By purchasing, you agree to all terms and conditions laid out before you, as well as those listed in the
“Refund Policy” page. Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.


4) Delays

Please note that while the majority of codes are delivered flawlessly and within the allotted time or sooner, sometimes delays
exist at the SERVER/DATABASE level. This means that you will be asked to wait patiently until your code is delivered.